February 4, 2008

STRANGEco and FriendsWithYou Announce the Release of WISH COME TRUE

Zip Zap Zoo make this WISH COME TRUE
Roll us and spin us and then you will hear,
The secrets of the universe soon become clear.
Now pick a number and hold your breath,
It’s time to take your very first step.
We will sing a song for you to help you make that

STRANGEco is pleased to announce the release of the WISH COME TRUE toy collection designed by modern art culture wizards Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, a.k.a. FriendsWithYou. Wish Come True is the next chapter in the visionary art and design journey of these two internationally known art heroes.

In the world of collectible Art Toys it is uncommon that a product is appropriate for young children as well as adults, not to mention one that can actually be played with. Each character in the Wish Come True series features weighted bottoms and built-in bell chimes, giving them all a playful rocking motion and a subtle, soothing sound. They also have beautiful visual designs that will entrance you as you play allowing you to focus on your wishes. Each Wish Come True toy in this six-piece series is packaged individually in a full-color “mystery” box much like a trading card; the figure inside is a surprise. These beautiful figures are perfectly in line with FriendsWithYou’s dream of spreading magic, luck and friendship throughout the universe. “Wish Come True is a new spin on the Art Toy genre that has been so popular in the past few years,” comments Jim Crawford, co-founder of STRANGEco. “FriendsWithYou’s great design appeals to the collector and the playability appeals to the collector’s kids, too.”

We are excited to announce that Wish Come True will be released in February 2008. The FriendsWithYou team will also be presenting a touring installation in Spring 2008 in major cities across the country featuring giant versions of the Wish Come True characters in a magical, interactive environment for all to experience and enjoy.

Join FriendsWithYou, STRANGEco and Yoyamart for the release of Wish Come True, a brand new set of magical toys for kids and grown-ups alike. Artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval, a.k.a. FriendsWithYou, in attendance - be the first to have your wishes granted!

Saturday, February 16, 2007
3 pm to 6 pm
15 Gansevoort Street (Corner of Hudson Street)
t: 212 242 5511

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