February 4, 2008

Real Livin' Films Presents "God's Own Country"

Real Livin' Films Presents

"God's Own Country"

Movie/Mixtape set to be Most Downloaded in African History

Real Livin' Films is proud to present the groundbreaking worldwide release of "God's Own Country", the debut film by director Femi Agbayewa. The film chronicles the life of Ike Ajayi, an immigrant from Africa who came to get his piece of the "American pie" but soon finds that life in America isn't how it's depicted on television when he gets caught in a sinister web of deception, betrayal and greed.

"God's Own Country" is a gritty, true-to-form depiction of the trials and tribulations that face new citizens every day.

"With God's Own Country, I wanted to take people down the path of an Immigrant, the arrival process, the expectations and all the pitfalls that happen in between, " notes the Bronx-based director. "All these different elements make up an experience, and I wanted this to be an inclusive story, rather than exclusively Nigerian. I think the ability to tell universal tales of the black experience should be the goal of Nollywood. That's why I attached USA at the end of it."

The Nigerian film industry, commonly called "Nollywood" began in the '70s and currently is the most successful movie market in the world, only behind Hollywood and Bollywood.

"God's Own Country" is a vivid, gripping story that hits close to home no matter where you're from, and coupled with an intense hip hop soundtrack, this is as real as reality gets. Packed with love, loss and retribution; the streets paved with gold are about to turn red.

The Movie:
"God's Own Country" is set to be released in a way never before done: the viewers set their own price and can download the movie directly from the official movie site www.gocmovie.com. This is the first urban film to do such a thing and it has been estimated that this will be the most downloaded African movie in history. Released February 26th in time for Black History Month, it was important that every nation realize that beyond the film lies the dire need for communication. At www.gocmovie.com, viewers can do just that—communicate via forums and represent where they're from with a global tracker. Truly an event like no other.

The Mixtape: A free download from the official movie site www.gocmovie.com, and featuring such artists as Lil' Wayne and Akon, Franchize and Dizzee Rascal, this mixtape/soundtrack is the perfect companion to the movie. Never before has there been such a musical camaraderie between nations such as the U.S., Africa, France and the U.K. to create a necessary human dialogue. Hosted by world renowned DJ Green Lantern, it is guaranteed to have something for everyone.


1. DJ Green Lantern Intro
2. God's Own Country--Franchize (Nigeria/USA) featuring Mr. S.I.N. (USA)
3. I'm African--Dead Prez (USA)
4. Outstanding--Lil Wayne (USA)
5. Achterstandsbuurt--Severe Ill & J-83 feat. Vieira (Cape Verde/NL)
6. Dipset freestyle
7. Mama Africa--Akon (Senegal/USA)
8. Uncle Murda (USA)
9. Esperance-- Moubaraka feat. Soprano (Comores/France)
10.Swizz Beats/Nore (USA)
11.I Go Yarn-- Eldee the Don (Nigeria)
12.Exclusive Wyclef (Haiti/USA)
13.Hardback Industry--Dizzee Rascal (Ghana/UK)
14.Nore/Styles P (USA)
15. Africanthem--Krukid (Uganda)
16. Zoo--Lil Wayne (USA)
17. Farafina--Amkoullel (Mali)
18. Swizz Beats (USA)
19. Telema mpo na Kongo-- Lopango ya Banka (Congo)
20. Akon and Plies (Senegal/USA)
21. Picha Hailsi--X Plastaz feat. Jimmy Rage (Tanzania/Jamaica/NL)

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