February 29, 2008

Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me Remix feat Ghostface Killah

February 27, 2008

Free Album: Rebel Radio 3

Click on album art to download.

Duck Down Records Officially Signs KRS-ONE and DJ Revolution

Duck Down Records is continuing its expansion and doing so by adding two of the most highly respected talents in Hip-Hop to its roster of artists: THE TEACHA himself, KRS-ONE and DJ Revolution.


KRS ONE is a significant figure in the Hip-Hop community and is often credited by critics and other Hip-Hop artists as epitomizing the "essence" of an emcee. It is no surprise then, that KRS-ONE decided it would make the most sense to combine forces with Buckshot, of Black Moon and record a new album on Duck Down Records. Buckshot shares similar philosophies as KRS-ONE, one of which is the notion of the "Stop the Violence Movement," which KRS-ONE is actively involved with.

KRS-ONE turned to Dru Ha and Buckshot (co-owners of Duck Down Records) to bring a certain sound and production to this upcoming project, a request that Duck Down Records Co-President Dru Ha was honored to fulfill “To say we are honored and humbled would be an understatement. Buck and I have known KRS since our early days in the game, back when we were recording at D&D Studios and he directly influenced the name of the label with his song "Duck Down” (sucka Mc's Duck). He was also instrumental in one of Buck's first and biggest records as Da Beatminerz flipped the "How Many MC's" vocal sample from KRS. But with the nostalgic feelings of KRS being one of my favorite MC's growing up to the side, it's KRS's continued relevance of today that's most exciting. KRS has a message in his lyrics, a gladiator performer who reps the culture and posses all the qualities that an MC should embody: Meaningful lyrics, mastery of the flow, intense creativity and a ferocious live show. I know how much respect Buck has for KRS, so I can only imagine how this will elevate his game. It's Old School to those that don't keep up with the current works and movements but to me, I would call it Now School.”

Three tracks have already been recorded and the chemistry between the two artists is very natural. Buckshot described the work as "CONFLOSATION, even when KRS ONE is flowing he's having a conversation with his audience. This collaboration with KRS-ONE is going to be an album full of Hip-Hop conversation, ranging from New World Order, to socially conscious topics such as unemployment, poverty, and politics. At the same time, we will speak to the streets, as that is what I'm known to do. It’s a dream to be able to work with KRS-ONE. Before I even began rapping that is who I checked for. I kept the “Blue Print” album on me at all times. That is all I listened to for an entire summer."

Check for the KRS-ONE & Buckshot’s album later this year on Duck Down Records.

In related news, 9th Wonder & Buckshot's "The Formula" album will be in stores April 15th on Duck Down Records.

DJ Revolution Preps "KING OF THE DECKS" Album

DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft on the 1200s. Revolution has done just about everything you can think of with records. Spun ’em, scratched ’em, juggled ’em, sampled ’em, collected ’em, produced ’em, sold ’em, distributed ’em, promoted ’em, and so on. Aside, from being the DJ, producer and editor for the world famous "Wake Up Show," based out of LA on Power 106 and Syndicated across the nation, DJ Revolution is a renowned producer with credits on albums by: KRS-ONE, Defari, Dilated Peoples, Planet Asia, Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Crooked I, Slum Village, El Da Sensei and Akrobatik to name just a few. DJ Revolution is also a veteran stage show DJ who has toured with artists such as Rakim and Kanye West.

Now DJ Revolution is readying his new project "KING OF THE DECKS" to be released on Duck Down Records in 2008. The album currently features appearances from:

*Sean Price
*Crooked I
*Bishop Lamont
*Dilated Peoples
*Royce 5'9"
*Guilty Simpson
*Blaq Poet
*Kidz In The Hall
*Bumpy Knuckles
*Planet Asia

DJ Revolution's attention to detail and his genuine respect for the craft of Hip-Hop music is what separates him from other DJ's, as quoted by saying: "despite today’s DJ's being 'psuedo-lebrities' and as big and trendy as ever, they are almost completely disconnected from Hip-Hop in the eyes of the general public. Through this record I'll attempt to reconnect the DJ with Hip-Hop, re-introduce the DJ to those who forgot what we really do and re-define what is possible in recorded music for the DJ as an artist."

Expect to see DJ Revolution's "King of The Decks" album in stores fall 2008.

February 25, 2008

Artist Of The Week - Prozack Turner

As a veteran of the music industry Prozack Turner knows the highs and lows that come with being an artist. The highs for him have included negotiating to sign deals with the likes of Grand Royal and Dreamworks Records. The lows have included both of those labels going under before he could do anything with them. Fed up with the way things were going the Cali native started his own label, Hunger Strike, and in 2006 he released a solo album, Bangathon!, to critical acclaim. Since it’s been nearly two years since that release I caught up with Prozack this week to find out how leading a double life as an artist and a label owner is treating him, what kind of impact he feels independent labels can make in today’s music industry, and the startling conclusion to his tale involving adult film star Adriana Sage. Read Interview[Here]

February 23, 2008

Biz Markie Film Debuts on scion.com/broadband

Film follows Biz Markie on a tour of his childhood 'Stomping Grounds'

LOS ANGELES, CA - Scion Broadband has just launched the documentary 'Stomping Grounds' featuring New York's legendary emcee Biz Markie. The half-hour film, produced by lifestyle marketing firm Inform Ventures, follows the celebrity as they tour their old neighborhood using a Scion as their tour bus.

Viewers will be delighted by Biz Markie's story and the places that made him...him. Biz's tour of his stomping grounds, which span his childhood and early recording years, include the places that helped to promote his unique hip-hop style. The revealing tour delivers an authentic perspective into the artist's back-story.

To view the film visit the following site and look for "Stomping Grounds": http://www.scion.com/broadband

Conscious Freestyle @ Rose Live In Brooklyn

Conscious Freestyle @ Rose Live

February 19, 2008

Q&A With Be'N Original

For those who aren’t privy to the knowledge of who Be’n Original is, would you please introduce yourself to get everyone up to speed? I am an entertainment industry insider who has been blessed with several talents and most importantly opportunities to assist other talented people in showcasing their skills to the masses. In accomplishing this, I have experience on many facets of the business including being a poet, producer, promoter, journalist and publisher. My past endeavors have given me great insight to maximize business opportunities for my clients and companies. I have negotiated licensing deals with American Greetings Interactive and Def Jam as well as overseen the successful debut of Michele Fletcher’s Essence Magazine best-selling novel, Charge It to the Game.

How much more work is it running an operating urban world magazine, compare to being a writer for The Source?
It’s a totally different level of responsibility. As a writer, you are only responsible for your contribution, but as a publisher you have to oversee and manage every aspect of the company from editorial to advertising. Most people completely underestimate the work required to even embark on a project of this scale especially when you’re the owner and you’re taking the honest route which is the only route for me. No dirty money over here.

In all the years that you’ve been involved with media on and offline; What would you say has been the most drastic change in your medium, both for progress sake as well as the opposite? I believe that the most drastic change has been quality control. There are very influential people selling cakes full of B.S. because the masses are sometimes reluctant to look pass the icing. While this is definitive marketing at its best, sometimes it comes at a cost of authenticity. When you see talented artists like Sun N.Y., Cannibus , Geo-Roc or El Gant go hard and not get the credit they deserve, yet someone who is lyrically challenged like SouljaBoy is selling over 700,000 units, we have to check ourselves.

What are you listening to these days? American Gangster is my favorite right now. Jay-Z is a master of giving introspective lyricism. While you may not always agree with the message, his music has a soulful integrity and honesty that makes you feel where he’s coming from. He did an excellent job capturing Frank Lucas’ American Gangster storyline. Watch the movie and listen to the album, it’s phenomenal. I really dig honesty.

How long have you been snapping photos and manipulating graphics? Who or what have been you strongest influences in this field of art? I started in the late eighties during my teenage years. I look to capture moments of time in images. Images that have profound depth and can speak in volumes at a glance. I learned from a great deal from T.C. “Rezones” Weaver. He’s been my most influential mentor. I also learned the basics from Jean Claude Olivier “Poke of Trackmasterz” in high school.

Where do you think then new wave of music namely ‘Hiphop’ is headed, sound and content wise? It’s going to continue to open up and reflect the differences of the people who make it. Advances in technology have opened a lot of doors for people to take their unique grasp on hip hop to the masses. We may not always like what’s being marketed, but if you really look, the quality music is just a few clicks away.


HiCoup - Adam B - DJ Halo on Rap vs Hip-Hop

A very interesting conversation... What's your take? Download

Free Album: Frequency Activism - Hiphop In Strange Places

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Artist Of The Week – Troublemakers

How does a legendary MC step up his game and do something next level over a full decade after first wowing crowds? For Stronghold’s Breez Evahflowin the equation was simple, link up with one of his neighboring state’s hottest up and coming producers, Dirt E. Dutch. In January the duo released an album under the name Troublemakers (Breez Evahflowin and Dirt E. Dutch Are Troublemakers) and I caught up with both of them at their album release party at Cousin Larry’s in Danbury, CT. How did NYC’s Breez Evahflowin meet CT’s Dirt E. Dutch? I was wondering the same thing myself which is why I sat down with them to find out how they linked up, why their teaming works so well, and exactly what kind of trouble they’re causing. Read it... Click here.

February 18, 2008

Smif N Wessun Biggie Tribute Video Freestyle Video

Smif N Wessun Biggie Tribute Video Freestyle Video song off of Prime Cuts Presents Well Done Volume 3 Mised by Dj Souljah In Stores Now

February 14, 2008

Free Album: Aj - Rock Paper Scissors

To download click on album cover.


01. (00:01:31) Aj - Hot Shit
02. (00:02:03) Aj - Nocturnal
03. (00:01:19) Aj - Cool Pool
04. (00:01:12) Aj - All That I Got
05. (00:01:33) Aj - Kazahkstan Is The Greatest!
06. (00:01:07) Aj - Another One
07. (00:01:51) Aj - Lonely Days
08. (00:01:32) Aj - There Is (Something)
09. (00:01:09) Aj - I'm The Man
10. (00:01:40) Aj - Didn't I Do It To Ya
11. (00:01:18) Aj - I Wanna Make It With You
12. (00:01:35) Aj - I Don't Know
13. (00:01:33) Aj - Gimme Some
14. (00:01:07) Aj - Now & Here
15. (00:01:26) Aj - Hire Me
16. (00:01:30) Aj - Think About It
17. (00:00:57) Aj - My Favorite Things
18. (00:01:22) Aj - This Is My Favorite
19. (00:01:05) Aj - Still My Favorite
20. (00:01:06) Aj - Got A Hold On Me
21. (00:01:10) Aj - Sick As Hell
22. (00:01:39) Aj - Life Is But A Dream
23. (00:01:10) Aj - Determination
24. (00:01:43) Aj - About A Girl
25. (00:01:14) Aj - The Break Up
26. (00:00:57) Aj - Mad Voice
27. (00:01:15) Aj - Glitch In The Matrix
28. (00:01:21) Aj - Zeitgeist
29. (00:01:07) Aj - Microphone Master
30. (00:01:07) Aj - One Step
31. (00:01:27) Aj - Revisiting Fantasies
32. (00:01:48) Aj - Searching
33. (00:00:54) Aj - Who Knows
34. (00:01:05) Aj - Still Fantastic (Dillafull)

Playing Time.........: 00:45:53
Total Size...........: 63.05 MB



February 13, 2008

Free Album: Radiohead Remix EP Radiushead

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Ali Shaheed Muhammad Spins For Droppin Science Release Party

The Apple Store in Soho wouldn't be the first place you'd think of, where a group of folks would be getting nostalgic over old jazz and soul classics that were the backdrop via cleverly used samples to some of Hiphop's most memorable golden era tunes. That surely was not the case when Ali Shaheed Muhammad mixed the old with the new to an audience of punkaboarders, puter programmers and conservative gents with grayed and thinning hair.

Droppin Science Release Info

February 12, 2008

Verve Recording artist Lizz Wright introduces new album 'The Orchard'| Releases new single 'My Love'

"She stirs jazz, gospel and rhythm and blues into a reflective, flowing style that elongates songs into prayerful meditations that never wander into vagueness" - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Lizz Wright - My Love (Audio)

Play With: Windows Media or Quicktime

Lizz Wright's first two Verve releases, Salt and Dreaming Wide Awake, established her as one of the jazz world's most celebrated rising stars, both an accomplished songwriter and a versatile, deeply expressive singer. On her third album The Orchard, the Georgia-bred, New York-based artist takes a substantial leap forward, transcending genre distinctions to deliver a vibrant, intensely creative milestone.

The largely self-penned The Orchard finds Wright mining her own experience to create an unmistakably personal musical statement. The warmth and resonance of Wright's gospel-trained contralto is matched by the intimacy and authority of such original compositions as "Coming Home," "My Heart," "Another Angel" and "When I Fall." Wright's interpretive skills are equally impressive on revelatory readings of the Ike and Tina Turner classic "I Idolize You," Sweet Honey in the Rock's "Hey Mann," the Led Zeppelin ballad "Thank You" and Patsy Cline’s haunting "Strange."

The Orchard reflects Wright's lifelong musical journey. The artist was born in the small rural town of Hahira, Georgia, one of three children of a minister father and a mother who sang gospel at church services. In her childhood, she began playing piano and singing in church with her two siblings. In high school, she broadened her musical horizons by studying choral singing, performing with groups of various sizes and winning several regional and national awards.

Wright subsequently studied voice at Georgia State University in Atlanta, and continued her musical education at New York's New School and in Vancouver. Returning to Atlanta, she won considerable regional acclaim after joining the jazz group In the Spirit. In 2002, Wright gained high-profile acclaim for her performances as part of a touring Billie Holiday tribute, for which she was singled out as a future star by several prominent critics.

Her 2003 debut Salt introduced Wright as both an accomplished songwriter and an effortlessly magnetic performer, delivering subtly persuasive vocal performances in understated jazz/R&B settings. Salt won international acclaim, earning Wright comparisons with such formidable figures as Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln. It also struck a chord with the public, reaching the Number Two slot on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz chart.

The New York Times' Stephen Holden praised Wright's "astonishing maturity and poise" and wrote that she "stirs jazz, gospel and rhythm and blues into a reflective, flowing style that elongates songs into prayerful meditations that never wander into vagueness," and described her singing as "pitch-perfect, with a smoky, full-bodied texture... impressive in its steadiness, control and rhythmic subtlety."

Dreaming Wide Awake followed in 2005, expanding Wright's interpretive range on a broad array of material ranging from Fats Waller to Neil Young. The sophomore effort reached the top position on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart, and marked the start of Wright's productive association with producer Craig Street, whose resume includes work with such notable female auteurs as Cassandra Wilson, k.d. lang and Me'Shell NdegéOcello.

Wright's collaboration with Street continues on The Orchard. While her prior releases boasted contributions from some of the jazz world's most respected jazz players, The Orchard features an eclectic cast that includes noted singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon, who co-wrote several songs with Wright; Calexico members Joey Burns and John Convertino; avant-guitar hero Oren Bloedow; longtime Bob Dylan sideman Larry Campbell; Ollabelle member Glenn Patscha; and guest vocalists Catherine Russell and Marc Anthony Thompson (aka Chocolate Genius).

The Orchard's fluid, intimate performances reflect the unpretentious spirit in which the music was created. The project actually began with a set of photographs taken by Wright in her rural hometown, focusing on the orchard of the title, a setting that she's known since childhood.

"The Orchard started with a trip that I took home to see my grandparents, and watching how they interacted with their neighbors and friends," Wright recalls. "It got me thinking about where I was born and grew up, and that really inspired me a lot. I took some pictures of that area, and I made a little slide show and set it to the Tom Waits song “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You” and I took that to Verve and said 'This is what I want to do.' We went back to do another photo shoot, before we'd even recorded any music. And when I sat down with Craig and the writers and musicians, I showed them the pictures and played them the Tom Waits song. Everyone responded to them in their own way, and everyone brought their own insight and sensibilities to this concept that I showed them, and that helped to take the record to a different place.

"I liked the idea of this record having a soul that was centered around the orchard," she explains. "But I didn't feel compelled to stay married to the concept. I Initially wanted this record to be very much about home, about Hahira, and I took a lot of signals from there, but it ended up becoming something else. I wanted to name it The Orchard because that's where it started."

Before they began recording, Wright and Reagon debuted The Orchard's songs with a series of low-key live sets at the small East Village club Banjo Jim's. "We played through everything to figure out how we wanted to approach the songs. We tried out a lot of arranging ideas and different approaches, and the arrangements changed every night. That was a great process, and it was a challenge to me to make something real out of these songs that I didn't really know yet. It's the first time I've done that, working through songs live before making a record and learning just how far I could push myself."

That organic approach was maintained throughout the recording process, which took place at studios in upstate New York's Catskill mountains, in Tucson, Arizona and Brooklyn. The sessions emphasized spontaneity and chemistry. "We exchanged different sounds and different textures, and worked out the arrangement right then and there,'" Wright notes. "We didn't decide before going into the studio what the songs would sound like; we just had an idea or a feeling, and sometimes Craig would suggest something or someone would play something and we'd follow the vibe. All of the musicians who were involved in this record had something to do with the way we ended up playing the songs, and I think that gave the project breadth and depth."

That rare ability to exist within the musical moment is one of the qualities that make Lizz Wright a special artist and The Orchard a career milestone. "This record was a huge learning experience, in every way, and I think it showed me a lot about myself," she states. "I never would have imagined that I would have written some of the things I wrote on this record, or told some of these stories. But I felt really free and I really let myself go, and I surprised myself."

February 11, 2008

Artist Of The Week - Edreys

A couple weeks ago my buddy Tone X over at DeepThinka Records sent me a link to one of his artist's latest videos. The artist was Edreys and the video was for "DUI (Dumb Under The Influence)." I was instantly impressed with Edreys' skills on the mic and the video was a great homage to the classic Hip-Hop film Krush Groove. "DUI" was so brilliant, in fact, that I had to know more, so I hit up Tone who put me in touch with Edreys. This week I sat down with Edreys to discuss the video, his very interesting history in music, and in what way you can literally see what he's saying. Read the full interview at: Click - Here

Edreys - I Like It -Video

February 8, 2008

Friday Night: Myspace Jack Move - J Boogie aka Lois Lane

You know what we don't want? More violence, more gun play! You know what we do want? More Estrogen! So, in steps J Boogie aka Lois Lane to save the day, or at least our ears for a few minutes of rhymes sans frivolous, redundant speech. This is a Free Hiphop Now Myspace jack move! You leave it open, we're snatchin it and redistributing it to those looking to hear something new and different. (Lois Lane definitely needs to do a remix of Eye See Right Thru U with Field Mob...! It's a must...) If this isn't enough Lois Lane to suit your fancy then check her blog here...

Eye See Right Thru U - Download [Click-Here]
Sway - Download [Click-Here]
If It Was Up To Me - Download [Click - Here]

J Boogie on Myspace

February 7, 2008

The Knux- Cappuccino (New Group Signed To Interscope Records)

These guys sound pretty tight. But why does their first single, 'Cappaccino' have to speak about baggin hoes?

The Knux are a self-produced group comprised of two brothers (Krispy and Al Millio) from New Orleans. They play all their own instrumentation and fight like The Kinks. Their debut album, Remind Me In 3 Days, sounds like Outkast, Juvenile, Tha Pharcyde, and The Strokes concurrently blasting, out of a drop-top Jag on Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night in the summer. Wrap your head around that!!???

“When we made the album we refused to give the album to the label one song at a time,” says Krispy, who at 25 is the elder Knux brother. “We knew that they wouldn't get it, they’d think we were buggin’ and they’d try to make us change things.” Instead, the two, who signed to Interscope in 2006 thanks to an incredible demo and manager Paul Rosenberg (Eminem's manager) holed up in a mini-mansion in the Hollywood Hills and quietly chefed up Remind Me In 3 Days…. “We played it for all the executives at once,” remembers Al, “And you could see in their faces they were all shocked to hear something like this from some new artists that they barely even knew were on the label.”

Just as their recording came to a standstill the Knux were met with great misfortune: Hurricane Katrina. “We never evacuated when the hurricanes hit,” says Krispy, “But for whatever reason when Katrina hit we left with our mom to go to Dallas for the weekend. When we were driving back to New Orleans on the Monday all the cars were going the other direction. The radio wasn’t working, so we had no idea about the flood ‘til someone flagged us down and told us that we weren’t gonna’ be allowed into the city.” After a week of the entire family sleeping in their car, they relocated to Houston and found an apartment. “Man, we lost everything, our whole apartment building burned to the ground, says Krispy. “So we were grateful that everyone was okay, but we weren’t happy to be in Houston.”

Fortunately things looked up for the group when their demo fell into the hands of Paul Rosenberg’s A&R man Dart Parker, who brought the group to his attention. Over the next months Rosenberg signed on as their manager. “We weren’t doing anything in Houston,” says Krispy. “Because of Katrina and how unhappy we were in that city we weren’t inspired to make anything new. So the whole thing with Paul was blessing.”

By the fall of 2006 the brothers had moved to the Hollywood Hills and begun the recording process. “Once we got out to L.A. there was just such a different vibe,” explains Al, “And we were going to all the downtown clubs with fuckin’ socialite girls and, like, the so-called hipsters, and guys like Steve Aoki. It was a totally different scene from what we were used to in New Orleans and the music we started making just reflected that.” The two wrapped the album during the summer of ’07 and hit the road hard. “We started by just inviting people over for house parties and performing the album on top of our couch,” says Al, “That’s how we knew what worked and what didn’t.” After a string of successful events at L.A. cool-guy emporiums the two got added as the opening act of Common’s Finding Forever tour.

With shows booked through the end of the year, and press clippings stacking up left and right—all without a single song available commercially—the ground swell is evident, and The Knux impact in 2008 is imminent. Act like you know. And if you forget, don’t worry, The Knux will Remind You In 3 Days…

Happy Born Day J Dilla

“I Love D.R.” Benefit Concert

“I Love D.R.” Benefit concert

February 6, 2008

Downshift Essentials - February 08 Edition

1. Enjoy The Silence 2008- Depeche Mode- WHITE
2. Night Feelings- Arno Cost- Serial Records
3. Coming Back To Life- Add To Basket- Witty Tunes
4. C'est La Vie- John Dahlback RMX- Martin Solveig- Mixture
5. Body Crash- Dirty South RMX- Buy Now
6. Be- Steve Angello- Mixmash
7. I Can't Stop- Kalipso Bros- Downshift
8. Sick Of Hearing Love Songs- Laidback Luke RMX- Blake & Monroe- Your Mama
9. Writer's Block- Thomas Gold RMX- Just Jack- Universal
10. What's It Gonna Be- Vandalism RMX- H20 Feat. Platinum
11. Drop It- Red Noise- Mylo Records
12. Jump Around- Micky Slim Vs House Of Pain- WHITE
13. Blink- Dim Chris RMX- John Dahlback- Pickadoll
14. Plastic Dreams- Laidback Luke Bootleg mix- WHITE
15. Da Funk- Whelan & Di Scala- Daft Punk
16. Beauty Of Silence- Inpetto RMX- Andrea Doria Vs. LXR- Blufin

Download [Click - Here]

February 5, 2008

Nuk Fam Show in Brooklyn 2.22

We had to do it. It's just been too long. We missed each other. We missed you too. So we did what we had to do, what any decent seven-man musical collective of smart sexy New Yorkers would do. We had to get the band back together...

On Friday February 22nd at SOUTHPAW we're going to do just that. We even made a video to show you how we managed to regroup, which can be seen here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9SrgTDAfujQ

ScholarMan Presents "The Pull Forward EP Vol 1" Coming 2/19!!

"The Pull Forward EP Vol. 1" - presented by ScholarMan on 2/19!! MADE AVAILABLE VIA FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

The Pull Forward EP is a tribute compilation to what many call the "golden era" of hip-hop featuring remakes of various classic tracks made famous during the early 1990's.

This release is the first of a series of EP's. Vol 1 features ScholarMan, TrueBless, K-Mynez and Makeshift Deluxe.

More info coming soon.

Visit www.thepullforwardseries.com for updates.

Soganic Music

Buckshot & 9TH Wonder Set To Release Second Collaborative LP, The Formula, On 4-15-08

Super-Producer, 9th Wonder, formerly of Little Brother, has once again teamed up with legendary MC, Buckshot, of Black Moon, and the lead MC, of the mighty Boot Camp Clik, for their follow up album The Formula. The due released their first project in 2005, entitled Chemistry, as part of Duck Down Record’s “Triple Threat” Campaign, which also showcased albums from Sean Price Monkey Barz and Smif N Wessun, Reloaded and Chemistry is now the highest selling album from the campaign.

9th Wonder continues to remain a force within the Hip Hop production landscape. He recently produced the lead-single, “Honey,” for Erykah Badu’s forthcoming LP and is also slated to release a solo album, The Wonder Years on Asylum Records in 2008.

Buckshot has made recent headlines by creating original music for ESPN’s 2008 Men’s College Basketball Programming, along with producing the title track for The History Channel’s “Gangland” Series. He has also teamed up with Lil Wayne for a remake of “Who Got the Props,” which will be featured on Wayne’s latest Mix Tape, which will be in stores shortly.

When it came time to name their second collaborative opus, Buckshot lamented it was an easy choice “Every song is dealing with a topic. Each track specifically has a Formula, hence where the title of the album came from. I am The Formula and I found The Formula with 9th Wonder. I’ve always had a certain sound within Hip-Hop and 9th Wonder helps bring out my unique style. We share a comfort level that allows me to be at ease when it comes to recording and that natural sound translates into great music."

While The Formula’s lead-single, “Go All Out” f/Carlitta Durand) is already making waves, the video for the single will feature Charlie Murphy in a series of skits with Buckshot. Two-other videos for The Formula have already been shot as well, “Hold It Down” f/Talib Kweli and the LP’s title track “The Formula” which will feature 3D animation.

Fans can watch Buckshot live in concert this year at the SXSW Music Conference, the “Paid Dues Festival” in LA (March) and as part of Duck Down’s USA Summer Label Tour, which will touch down in over 35 major cities.

Tracklisting and credits for The Formula (all songs produced by 9th Wonder):

1.) Intro-The Formula f/ The Formula Crew
2.) Ready (Brand New Day)
3.) Be Cool f/Swan
4.) Go All Out f/Carlitta Durand
5.) No Future
6.) Hold It Down f/Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods
7.) Whassup with U f/Keisha Shontelle
8.) Only For You (Lou)
9.) Just Display
10.) Here We Go
11.) Throwing' Shade
12.) Shinin' Yall f/Arafat Yates and Big Chops of M1 Platoon
13.) Man Listen



February 4, 2008

*African Booty Scratcher* on HBO

African Booty Scratcher, short film from the acclaimed filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu, set to premiere on HBO in honor of Black History Month.

African Booty Scratcher is an immigrant/coming of age story told in 13 minutes. It follows one fashionable, NYC teenage girl's decision to stick to family tradition or conformity when choosing her prom dress. It is a crisp and fresh showcase of good story telling, good performing and simply good film making. The cast includes rising actress, Dewanda Wise in the protoganist role of Isatu; the rest of the cast includes Ebbe Bassey, Kadane Clark, Terrance Nance, Sofia Rodriguez, Stephen Hill.

Writer/director Nikyatu Jusu, combined her superb storytelling skills with film producer Artesia Balthrop. This film making team sought out to tell a story about family traditions for first generation American children, but was familiar to anyone who had ever been a teenager. It was shot by director of photography Daniel Patterson, who also shot the short film Midway, which is currently airing on HBO.

Nikyatu Jusu is a MFA Candidate at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She has been honored by the American Black Film Festival, Director's Guild of America, and numerous other festivals for African Booty Scratcher. She's currently shooting another short as well as her thesis film.

Artesia Balthrop is a production employee of MTV Networks, a film/video producer and a blogger. African Booty Scratcher was her third completed film work, but it has solidified her as an up and coming film producer. She has joined forces with Nikyatu Jusu as well as writer/director, Yvonne Michelle Shirley to create a production company that is focused on creating cutting edge films.

Check out African Booty Scratcher's television debut on HBO beginning February 4th (complete schedule below).

African Booty Scratcher On HBO


Artist Of The Week - Euphon

Euphon is the East Harlem, New York, duo of emcee Mr. Fantastik (left in picture) and emcee/producer Slim (right in picture). Their name comes from the word euphonic, which means agreeable sound, especially in the phonetic quality of words. The two felt this was a perfect fit for what they were looking to do - be different musically while still being pleasing to the ear. Many feel that with their most recent release, A Brief History of the Future, they have accomplished this goal and this week I sat down with both Mr. Fantastik and Slim to find out more about the album, what they hope listeners get from it, and why they feel people connect with them. [click-here] to read more...

STRANGEco and FriendsWithYou Announce the Release of WISH COME TRUE

Zip Zap Zoo make this WISH COME TRUE
Roll us and spin us and then you will hear,
The secrets of the universe soon become clear.
Now pick a number and hold your breath,
It’s time to take your very first step.
We will sing a song for you to help you make that

STRANGEco is pleased to announce the release of the WISH COME TRUE toy collection designed by modern art culture wizards Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, a.k.a. FriendsWithYou. Wish Come True is the next chapter in the visionary art and design journey of these two internationally known art heroes.

In the world of collectible Art Toys it is uncommon that a product is appropriate for young children as well as adults, not to mention one that can actually be played with. Each character in the Wish Come True series features weighted bottoms and built-in bell chimes, giving them all a playful rocking motion and a subtle, soothing sound. They also have beautiful visual designs that will entrance you as you play allowing you to focus on your wishes. Each Wish Come True toy in this six-piece series is packaged individually in a full-color “mystery” box much like a trading card; the figure inside is a surprise. These beautiful figures are perfectly in line with FriendsWithYou’s dream of spreading magic, luck and friendship throughout the universe. “Wish Come True is a new spin on the Art Toy genre that has been so popular in the past few years,” comments Jim Crawford, co-founder of STRANGEco. “FriendsWithYou’s great design appeals to the collector and the playability appeals to the collector’s kids, too.”

We are excited to announce that Wish Come True will be released in February 2008. The FriendsWithYou team will also be presenting a touring installation in Spring 2008 in major cities across the country featuring giant versions of the Wish Come True characters in a magical, interactive environment for all to experience and enjoy.

Join FriendsWithYou, STRANGEco and Yoyamart for the release of Wish Come True, a brand new set of magical toys for kids and grown-ups alike. Artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval, a.k.a. FriendsWithYou, in attendance - be the first to have your wishes granted!

Saturday, February 16, 2007
3 pm to 6 pm
15 Gansevoort Street (Corner of Hudson Street)
t: 212 242 5511

Real Livin' Films Presents "God's Own Country"

Real Livin' Films Presents

"God's Own Country"

Movie/Mixtape set to be Most Downloaded in African History

Real Livin' Films is proud to present the groundbreaking worldwide release of "God's Own Country", the debut film by director Femi Agbayewa. The film chronicles the life of Ike Ajayi, an immigrant from Africa who came to get his piece of the "American pie" but soon finds that life in America isn't how it's depicted on television when he gets caught in a sinister web of deception, betrayal and greed.

"God's Own Country" is a gritty, true-to-form depiction of the trials and tribulations that face new citizens every day.

"With God's Own Country, I wanted to take people down the path of an Immigrant, the arrival process, the expectations and all the pitfalls that happen in between, " notes the Bronx-based director. "All these different elements make up an experience, and I wanted this to be an inclusive story, rather than exclusively Nigerian. I think the ability to tell universal tales of the black experience should be the goal of Nollywood. That's why I attached USA at the end of it."

The Nigerian film industry, commonly called "Nollywood" began in the '70s and currently is the most successful movie market in the world, only behind Hollywood and Bollywood.

"God's Own Country" is a vivid, gripping story that hits close to home no matter where you're from, and coupled with an intense hip hop soundtrack, this is as real as reality gets. Packed with love, loss and retribution; the streets paved with gold are about to turn red.

The Movie:
"God's Own Country" is set to be released in a way never before done: the viewers set their own price and can download the movie directly from the official movie site www.gocmovie.com. This is the first urban film to do such a thing and it has been estimated that this will be the most downloaded African movie in history. Released February 26th in time for Black History Month, it was important that every nation realize that beyond the film lies the dire need for communication. At www.gocmovie.com, viewers can do just that—communicate via forums and represent where they're from with a global tracker. Truly an event like no other.

The Mixtape: A free download from the official movie site www.gocmovie.com, and featuring such artists as Lil' Wayne and Akon, Franchize and Dizzee Rascal, this mixtape/soundtrack is the perfect companion to the movie. Never before has there been such a musical camaraderie between nations such as the U.S., Africa, France and the U.K. to create a necessary human dialogue. Hosted by world renowned DJ Green Lantern, it is guaranteed to have something for everyone.


1. DJ Green Lantern Intro
2. God's Own Country--Franchize (Nigeria/USA) featuring Mr. S.I.N. (USA)
3. I'm African--Dead Prez (USA)
4. Outstanding--Lil Wayne (USA)
5. Achterstandsbuurt--Severe Ill & J-83 feat. Vieira (Cape Verde/NL)
6. Dipset freestyle
7. Mama Africa--Akon (Senegal/USA)
8. Uncle Murda (USA)
9. Esperance-- Moubaraka feat. Soprano (Comores/France)
10.Swizz Beats/Nore (USA)
11.I Go Yarn-- Eldee the Don (Nigeria)
12.Exclusive Wyclef (Haiti/USA)
13.Hardback Industry--Dizzee Rascal (Ghana/UK)
14.Nore/Styles P (USA)
15. Africanthem--Krukid (Uganda)
16. Zoo--Lil Wayne (USA)
17. Farafina--Amkoullel (Mali)
18. Swizz Beats (USA)
19. Telema mpo na Kongo-- Lopango ya Banka (Congo)
20. Akon and Plies (Senegal/USA)
21. Picha Hailsi--X Plastaz feat. Jimmy Rage (Tanzania/Jamaica/NL)

Hip-Hop Films Screening At The Pan African Film And Arts Festival In Los Angeles

The Hip-Hop Association [H2A] is proud to collaborate with the esteemed Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) to provide a diverse segment of global Hip-Hop film programming from throughout the African Diaspora including Uganda, Morocco, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Australia, and the US. PAFF, one of the largest African film festivals in the U.S., will be held from February 7 - February 18 in Los Angeles, CA. For tickets, passes, and full festival details, please visit www.paff.org

Films screening in association with the Hip-Hop Association are listed below and will be taking place at the Magic Johnson Theaters: 4020 Marlton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008.


Los Angeles Premiere
Director: Brett Mazurek
74 min., Uganda/US, 2007

Feb.14, 3:50pm / Feb.15, 10:45pm (Photography showcase 8:30pm-10:30pm)

The incredible journey of the hip-hop group the Bataka Squad, who use hip-hop to spread awareness of their country's troubles, and to offer positive alternatives for the youth. Narrator Michael Franti, of Spearhead, guides us through an incredible journey from the riot-torn streets of Uganda to remote villages in the countryside and finally to the concrete jungle of the United States. The voice of a new generation and heroes of their community, they are active, enthusiastic, and energetic young people more concerned about global change than the amount of change in their pockets. Their music teaches struggle with optimism and remaining positive against seemingly insufferable odds presenting a refreshing contrast to American commercialized "bling bling" gangster rap. Q&A.
**You can also check out artists featured in the film performing at an INTERNATIONAL HIP HOP SHOWCASE on Feb. 8 - Bataka Squad : Rah-P : Okai :Da Negus : Legezzin and other special guests at
On The Rox above The Roxy, 9009 W Sunset Blvd, 9pm - 2am, $10 at the door


Director: Byron Hurt
63 min., US, 2006
Feb.10, 8:55pm / Feb.18, 4:45pm

A riveting documentary that examines representations of gender roles in hip-hop and rap music. Conceived as a "loving critique" from a self-proclaimed "Hip-Hop Head," it tackles issues of masculinity, sexism, violence and homophobia in today's hip-hop culture. Mos Def, Fat Joe, Chuck D, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons are interviewed; along with commentary from Michael Eric Dyson, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Kevin Powell, and Sarah Jones. The complex intersection of culture, commerce and gender are revealed through on-the-street interviews with aspiring rappers and fans at hip-hop events throughout the country. The film provides thoughtful dialogue from intelligent, divergent voices of rap artists, industry executives, rap fans and social critics from inside and outside the hip-hop generation.


Director: Raquel Cepeda
90 min., US, 2007
Feb.13, 9:00pm / Feb.16, 9:10pm

This documentary film focuses on the complex relationship between "blood" diamonds, conflict, the influence of Hip-Hop music and culture, and community development. It examines American Hip-Hop culture’s obsession with diamonds—“blinging”—and all its social trappings, and how this infatuation correlated with the ten-year civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa in which over one million people were killed, maimed, raped or displaced. The film follows three rappers—Paul Wall, Tego Calderon, and Raekwon—as they trek to Sierra Leone to meet the survivors, perpetrators and diamond miners in the country. Making appearances are Kanye West, Ishmael Beah, Jadakiss, Bishop Don Juan, Johnny Dang, Big Daddy Kane, Tego Calderon, Raekwon, Paul Wall.


Director: Joshua Asen & Jennifer Needleman
80 min., US/Morocco, 2007
Feb.8, 5:30pm / Feb.18, 8:40pm

A group of Moroccan Hip Hop artists share a single dream: to rock a professional concert for a hometown crowd. Unfortunately, in addition to a lack of resources and freedom of speech, these young artists get virtually no support from their own society or cultural institutions. So, with the help of an American filmmaker, they appeal to the American Embassy for funding for the first Moroccan Hip Hop festival. Although the organizers face roadblocks along the way—diplomatic bureaucracy, disputes over money, unscrupulous stage-builders and general chaos of business in the Third World--they pull it off and the festival plays to massive crowds of young Moroccans in three cities, fulfilling the dream of the artists and catapulting Moroccan Hip Hop from the underground into the spotlight.


Director: Grant Leigh Saunders
26 min., Australia, 2006
Feb.11, 6:30pm / Feb.16, 1:35pm

B.L.A.C.K. is a cipher scribed by independent and Indigenous Hip Hop artist, Wire MC, who urges his audience to fathom what it might means to be Black in contemporary Australia. Through interview and observation, the song is visually and dialectically deconstructed to speak of contemporary theories of Aboriginal blackness, politics and culture. This film explores the complexity of Aboriginal society through the seductive rhythm, rhyme and reason of the Hip Hop lyric. The film also demonstrates an active Aboriginal participation in Hip Hop on an underground level, revealing some amazing dance sequences and live performances by some very talented young Aboriginal MC's, B-Boys and B-Girls. It shows how traditional story telling and dance is being re-invented by adapting the elements of Hip Hop culture to enliven the quest to maintain traditional values, cultural knowledge, language and B.L.A.C.K. (Born Long Ago Creation's Keeper) pride.


Director: Ricardo Bacallao
20 min., Cuba, 2004
Feb.10, 9:05pm / Feb.16, 4:15pm

Despite significant social change in Cuba, Blacks continue to be ostracized and subjugated by a colonial outlook. In 1995, a group of creative young people founded the Rap Festival; since then, the government has taken control of the Hip Hop movement, undermining its intentions. This is the story of struggle within a struggle waged by Black youths trying to maintain their voice and control the product of
their culture and creativity. Q&A


Director: Jessica Habie
79 min., US, 2006
Feb.11, 1:10pm / Feb.13, 10:20pm

A film of passion, profiling 12 amazing women delves deep into the underground movement of female artistry. Artists, singers, emcees, activists, poets and writers come together in an explosive exploration of feminine creation. Independent-minded women with voices that must be heard, each lady brings to the screen her innermost struggles in an attempt to outline the obstacles that face the female artist. Based in New York City, this journey is narrated by the mystica Smokifantastic, and navigates the challenges of poverty, politics and personal sacrifice while exploring love, identity and urban culture. Features artists Raqiyah Mays, Amanda Diva, Helena D. Lewis, Claudia Alick, Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Toni Blackman, Nemesis, Denise De La Cruz, Vista, Kyana Brindle and Rosa Clemente.


Director: Peter Spirer
86min., US, 2005
Feb.12, 8:00pm

Retired first-grade NYPD detective Derrick Parker established a so-called "Rap Intel" unit following the murder of Notorious B.I.G. in 1997. The unit became officially sanctioned in 2000. In 2004, word of Parker's secret unit was leaked to the press, unleashing a firestorm of controversy. Members of the hip-hop community--under girded by media outlets ranging from the Village Voice and Newsweek to the Miami Herald--argued that the NYPD's rap unit blurred the line between monitoring and profiling. The ACLU launched a crusade against "hip-hop surveillance," which they deemed the "the new Cointelpro." Via exclusive, in-depth interviews with Parker--as well as rappers, security guards, civil rights activists and other members of the hip-hop community—viewers are taken inside the so-called "hip-hop
patrol" in New York City and Miami. Narrated by Saul Williams. Q&A

About The Pan African Film and Arts Festival

The Pan African Film and Arts Festival (PAFF) was founded in 1992 as a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of cultural and racial tolerance and understanding through the exhibition of film, art and creative expression. It is the PAFF’s goal to present and showcase a broad spectrum of Black creative works, particularly those that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes. The PAFF believes film and art can lead to better understanding and foster communication between peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles, while at the same time, serve as a vehicle to initiate
dialogue on the important issues of our times.

About The Hip Hop Association

Formed in 2002, the Hip-Hop Association [H2A] is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community building organization and Union Square Arts Award recipient. The H2A educates and empowers the community through the use of media, technology, resources, social entrepreneurship, and leadership development. The mission of the H2A is to facilitate critical thinking, foster constructive social change and unity to instill tolerance, civic participation, social reform, and economic sustainability, while advancing Hip-Hop's culture through innovative programming.

Intelligent Kidz

What’s good Family? I know I’ve been off the radar for an extended minute but believe me I have an excellent excuse…At the end of last year while I was out on the “It’s NO LONGER Smart to be DUMB” promo tour supporting my new album “Wise Intelligent iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor”, I got the chance of a lifetime and I could NOT turn it down. As you all know (and for the ones who don’t) the focus of my mind, body, and soul over the past 15 plus years has been on community education, upliftment, and development, but outside of doing lectures, workshops, and panel discussions I’ve only had the chance to put most of my ideas, thoughts, opinions, questions, and solutions on wax. While this was cool for a minute it doesn’t really have the power to realistically make a substantive and long lasting positive impact in the lives of our youth. Things have snowballed way out of control in our communities and we can longer afford to just sit on the sidelines talking about the issues and just hoping for things to get better. I think its past time for us to start balancing out our theories with direct community action, and I can’t think of a better way for me at this time in my life, than helping to facilitate an after-school youth program right in my own hood!

So at the beginning of November 2007 I/we linked up with the Arline Institute to help implement an After-School tutoring program. This exciting and powerful new youth program is not only specifically designed to answer the educational and social needs of our youth, it will provide them with invaluable life skills and lessons that will prepare them to live in the real world in real time. Everything kicked off officially at the beginning of this year (2008), and is off to a fantastic start. The initial jump off is a 10 week program and it’s in most of the Trenton public schools as we speak. Intelligent Kidz Inc. is the "liaison” between Trenton Public Schools, Parents, their Children and the Arline Institute. Over the last few months we have been out in the community making the parents and students aware of the FREE tutoring services that are available to them. After which we help to facilitate the implementation of said tutoring program in the Trenton School District.

Here goes a brief background on the Arline Insitute…


February 2008

Arline Institute, Inc. a mid-Atlantic regional educational consulting firm, provides comprehensive supplemental educational services (SES) through our ‘Back-To-Basics’ tutoring program. The ‘Back-To-Basics’ program is specifically designed for students attending public and charter schools designated "in need of improvement" by the U.S. Department of Education under the No Child Left Behind Act (2002). Arline Institute instructors work closely with parents, schools, community organizations, and local educators to implement our research-based tutoring program. Arline instructors ensure that all students improve academically by providing appropriate support, motivation and small group instruction tailored to their individual needs.

At the Arline Institute our mission is to attain and maintain leadership in the mid-Atlantic region by providing rigorous standards-based tutoring and educational consulting to underachieving urban public school students. Arline Institute is approved by the New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania Departments of Education as a provider of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) and other educational services. During this academic year, 2007-2008, we seek to be recognized as the major provider of supplemental educational services in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. We fulfill this mission through strategic partnerships with school districts, charter schools and non-profit agencies focused on underachieving urban students.

For more information about our after-school tutoring program please reach out to us at…


Now that everything is up and moving strong, I can step back into the mix. I apologize to everyone whose been trying to get at me over the last 2 months…I sincerely appreciate all your LOVE and SUPPORT! I could not have gotten this far without you! So with all that being said…I’m BACK in the building and I’m ready to go to work…I’m going to reach out to everybody that reached out to me over the last few months for interviews and features…We’re going to make it happen!
For booking, interviews, features, and shows please contact Born Free at bornfree9@hotmail.com / intelligentmuzik@yahoo.com

I am also very proud to announce that I am apart of “The Platinum Speakers Bureau”. For more information about this dynamic bureau and how to book me for lectures and panel discussions please reach out to Saideh Browne at sb@platinumspeakersbureau.com

I’ve begun working on the 2nd period in my Back to School series…. “Wise Intelligent iz…The UNCONKABLE Djezuz Djonez”, and I guarantee that this album is going to be more than just another CD in your collection. This project is going to be an Unforgettable, Irresistible, and Undeniable experience!
So stay with me…2008 is going to be a GREAT year!


Wise Intelligent iz...
The Talented Timothy Taylor
In Stores Now!!!

Also check us out at... www.myspace.com/wiseintelligent

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