January 5, 2008

Free Album: The Gospel is FREE Mixtape

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First and foremost thank you for downloading The Gospel is FREE,

The Gospel is FREE is a statement directed at how some people use the bible as a monetary platform, it also correlates with the sale of mixtapes with copyrighted material (for example: Dj Drama). The Gospel is FREE is a 15 track offering that is composed of freeverses, freestyles, and songs. I am offering this mixtape as a free download and eventually it will be available in CD form (for FREE). I would
love for you to share this mixtape with at least 3-5 people and if you are willing to review it great (I am open for criticism). All I ask is that you listen to the words. I would like to thank all the people that have been supportive of the music so far, continue to support and help spread the name.

Please be on the lookout for "The Center of Attention", which will
drop digitally on Domination Recordings.

peace and blessings,

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