January 17, 2008

Itunes Song - Homeboy Sandman

See this is what you call ridiculously creative promotion. Homeboy Sandman releases a free song to promote the fact that he has music available on itunes. The key thing is that it's really a good song that doesn't suck. A very catchy tune to say the least. I just hope that Sandman gets smart about it and pitches the song to itunes, that way it'll be more then just a great idea but a genius marketing pitch that will land him a featured spot on itunes.

Download 'Itunes Song' Here

“If you like to Visit I-Tunes
I invite you To try my tunes
I’ll excite you
I’ll entice you
I’ll ignite you
I’ll incite you
I’m just like you
You’re just like me
You not liking me’s unlikely
So I’m asking you politely
Buy my mp3s
Or bite me”

This song was produced by the 2 Hungry Bros., Deep and Ben Boogie.

Homeboy Sandman on I-Tunes


Tucan Sand said...

this ish is pretty ill

Tah's Chronicles said...


Chilly S said...

if you think that his iTunes song is dope check out his legendary live performance on ChillyS.tv

or here:



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