January 21, 2008

Monday Myspace Jack! : Lady Luck - Christina Ghubril

Lady Luck - Christina Ghubril - Download Here

Lady Luck swang beauty in her favor
Blew 14 candles and out popped womanhood.
Long locks begged to be stroked
eyes melting down her back to the curves and swivel of hips
tasting their first drop of power.
Nights spent flashing Cinderella tales over teddy bear borders--
Believed prince called charming would find her disarming
but he locked doors, spilled his semen on the floor to memories of
Pretended panties pulling off in his fingertips
As they stroked his own developed manhood.

Daytime games she wanted to learn
Cat calling
Didn’t see prick eyes poke her behind
plotting sex traps for street walking girls in school dresses.
boys with beards
hunger for the newest, unused flesh.
Lady Luck caught in the jungle of phallic tree traps-
Sweetness drip drip drip from her pores
He ties burlap through un-kissed mouth to keep her from “no!”
mis step--he dictated and amen she lost her hymen
as single act penetration coursed deep beyond her arteries

Struggling to keep mouth above neck above memories of not enough air
thick body forces screams below pillows
Before, untouched except for the stolen kiss on her secret’s back porch
Now Lady Luck’s love is stolen.
naked and shamed body remembering childhood.
As she watches the holy “and 2 shall become one” dissipating into fog spots on his rearview mirror
bruises form on her body in shapes she will declare and name tomorrow to distract herself from chemical invasion
as Dr. (Rosen) forces body to reject what she will never forget.

Tears tangled in knotted hair
Over keeper of precious diamonds
ripping jewels from sacred places.
left ceiling now flashing rotted flesh.
Maggoty Corpse kissing private dreams
where little girl memories become big girl fears.
Sleep calls for limbs writhing
can’t grasp anything
While she tries to cover closed eyes from
flashbacks and thick blankets rotted with anger.
love is twisted
tangled in oak branches
hovering over his someday grave.

morning wakes rays shining blood memories in her eyes
needing someone to fight the last nights that shout out her belief in words like
“tainted” “unworthy” “ruined”
‘cause now mirror reflects just enough to touch and melt and leave in a mess on the floor.
Sees eyes bloodshot and heavy
Whispering, “Lady luck,
victim of flesh traps,
who’s gonna find you now?”


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