April 29, 2009

The Supa Giant Compilation by SupaNova

The Supa Giant Compilation is the latest offering from New Rap Order emcee SupaNova. It Features the Entire New Rap Order along with N.R.O. Family like TreZure The Empress. Produced almost entirely by JNL BEATZ outta Virginia . The Supa Giant Compilation takes you through the mind of a true 2009 NYC emcee. with the perfect setting JNL's PRODUCTION. Great Songs top Notch Lyricism and Soulful melodies are what you willl be in store for!!

released 23 April 2009


April 28, 2009

Keep up with Killa Cam and play the "WHERE'S CAM'RON "GAME

Hit Him On Twitter @

Cam'ron is back and he's definitely making waves to become prominent once again in the midst of a sea of artists flappin around like lil fish out of the bowl... Breathe easy! Oh-Kay! Yeah! Killa!

Chilly S. Said...

When asked who his pick for the 2009 NBA Playoffs was, a pretty anxious Chilly S. Said, "I don't follow basketball - I don't even follow hockey - I root for the Russians!". Chillys.tv
Photo by Solomon Jazz

J.R. Said... [John Robinson - The Author Prod. by Flying Lotus]

When asked about the L.A. Lakers, John Robinson simply responded,"I hated the Lakers my whole life!" http://is.gd/v6HJ
John Robinson - The Author Prod. by Flying Lotus

Photo by Tone

The Kid Daytona - The Daytona 500 (Trailer)

The Daytona 500 is released 5/5/09. The debut LP "Come Fly With Me" coming June.
Before flying, a machine must be built.
Shouts to Ghostface.
Sponsored by Mick Boogie

April 27, 2009

The Real Live Show @ NuBlu

Smooth live session...

TRLS is the Hip Hop from the ground up, its robotic Jazz to make love to...it's every Tuesday at NuBlu!

Featuring: Musicians Malik (MC,Sampler beat machine), Stimulus(MC,DJ), Daru Jones(Drums,Beats),Nate Jones(Bass), Jesse Fisher(Keys), Marie(Violin and Percussions)

Peter Hadar - A Date With Harlem @ The Shrine 4-26-09

No one knows hustle like Charles Anthony of Hustlemode, the promoter of last nights, 'A Date With Harlem @ The Shrine' with headliner Peter Hadar. This show though it did get off to a slow start, all in all was a success. Interestingly enough, the host for the evening was, 'Crash' a model seen in Ron Browz, 'Pop Champagne' video. She's pretty hot. My guess is that she's a Harlem native, the reason for her as choice for host. Trezure the Empress  with band makes impressive strides as young soulstress in this NYC scene, one of many new artists fabricating a renaissance to be reckoned with. She is definitely powerful and that power was complemented well during one song in particular that featured, Nova (NRO) where the emcee's passionate delivery was well appreciated by an attentive audience.

Peter Hadar's set was tight. There were a few moments where the sound people at The Shrine basically dropped the ball. Totally, not a good look. But like any good showman, Peter was able to work through the technical difficulties with no problem. His production knocks ridiculously (producer/DJ mathematics) accompanied by a phenomenal drummer, there was a consistant thump going that kept the venue alive. A song with Peter's young protige from Harlem was fully charged with an exuberant energy and when Peter went into his single 'Planets', well the ladies in the building where estatic. Peter Hadar rocks live, with personality, charm, charisma and Merlot. It's about time more media outlets take notice of this talent, regardless he's gonna take what owed to him anyway.

Photos by EMA Photography

Swagger Like Us - Jim Jones [Explicit Content]

This is pretty old, but entertaining. Even folks that aren't fans of the man named after one of the most despicable figures that ever walked the planet have got to admit that he's gotten his bars up over the years. A handful of slick lines and scarf that just keeps on blowing in the fabricated stage wind is classic.

Artist Of The Week - The Day Laborers

For a commercial artist, a guest appearance on an album can simply be a representation of said artist buying someone’s time that they feel will help them chart a hit, or break them into a new market. For underground artists, however, a solid guest appearance represents a lot more. It represents the networking they’ve done, who they’re cool with, and most importantly, who respects their work enough to want to jump on a track with them. When The Day Laborers passed me their album, The Learning Process, and I saw two former Artists Of The Week, Homeboy Sandman and Louis Logic, were featured on it, I knew it was high time I found out more about the group. After giving the album a spin I caught up with The Day Laborers duo of Aspect and I.N.F. (pictured L to R) to do just that. Click Here...

April 26, 2009

Why 60 Seconds ?

Let's cut the small talk and get down to the bare bones of it. A 60 Second Review is short and to the point. Brief, meant to create awareness about whatever item is discussed. We don't have time to play around. And you don't have time to sit around and watch us play. www.60secondreviews.com
Just some friends of Free Hiphop Now we think you should know about. Give'em a shot.

P.O.S - Optimist

This video is pretty cool. Awesome and creative. We like paper cutouts. We do. Seriously.

We Know About This Video Thanks To: Meter Maids

Peter Hadar - Planets

Great song. Beautiful model (Selita Eubanks). Good stuff.

Remember This? Invetro - Organized Konfusion

You'd have to agree that Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po together as Organized Konfusion were one of the greatest duos hiphop has ever seen. Many debate the worthiness of Equinox, being called a classic Hiphop record, but one thing that remains true, the album definitely has a list of songs that display the amazing chemistry of the pair and how extremely talented each emcee is. Invetro, is a dark tale of what a fetus' future may be outside of the womb, told from within and from two opposite perspectives. Pharoahe details the cold angry pessimistic rants of an unborn child, while Prince Po speaks of the positive possibilities as a seed looking forward to entering its new world. Intense social commentary, vivid story telling and passionate delivery all mixed up to form a very unique and impactful song.

in vitro - (of a biological process) made to occur in a laboratory vessel or other controlled experimental environment rather than within a living organism or natural setting.

April 25, 2009

Mos Def - Say You Will (Kanye West Cover) @ The Blue Note, NYC 1-25-09

Earlier this year, Mos Def did an incredible run of six intimate shows at New York’s legendary jazz club, The Blue Note.  Black Dante was backed by remarkably talented RCDC Experiment for the occasions (Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, Casey Benjamin & Derrick Hodge) and they put on some of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.  Previously, I had shared “Fantastic” from the first of the six shows, but the true highlight was the cover of Kanye West’s “Say You Will”.  The interpretation was beautfiul, with jazzy solos from Robert Glasper and Marc Cary, who also sat in on keys for this song.  Mos even peppered in verses from “U R The One”, which fit perfectly in the context of the heartbreak motif.   This exclusive 12 min rendition will definitely go down as one of the gems on this site, I cant recommend this enough.

This post borrowed from:
All The Way Live

Page 2 - Eagle Nebula

Why Radio & Music Industries Suck Nowadays

We found the video link here: ReviewStacks.com
Original video uploaded by: Without A Face TV

Remember This? Mos Def feat Q-Tip & Tash - Body Rock

Can we please get some body rockin Hiphop like this right now? Forget the so called 'Swagger', the people want and need that real hit yah in center, soul chattin, rap smashin down walls. Sound Boi, wheel up a serious rap tune like such, scene! Body Rock is MOS Definitely classic material. Proof you can rock a party with slick lyricism, ill flows and not just air out in a style over substance mode. Say no to mediocrity! Yes to the realness!

April 24, 2009

Last.fm/Presents Interviews Finale at SXSW 2009

Last.fm/Presents took a short road trip to find the best barbecue in Texas with Interdependent Media's Finale. Chillin' at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Finale broke down his new album, newfound Dilla fans and the new "hip" artists at SXSW.

Jay Smooth Mini Marathon

Quite simply, Jay Smooth is brilliant.

An Old Person's Guide to "No Homo"

Economics and Annoying Smart Guys

Mini-Doctrine: Answering Viewer Mail

April 23, 2009

A Monthly Bondfire - Tuesday, April 28th 10PM

Freehiphopnow.com Presents: A Monthly Bondfire @ The Bowery Poetry Club "A Show That Begins On Time!"

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain
Sounds by DJ Ready Cee
Photography by Techie NYC
Resident Live Artist Marthalicia

Cover $5 after 11:30 $10 ( Free Hiphop Now Blog subscribers get in for $5 all night. Just mention you're a subscriber at the door).

Door opens at 10PM (Open Mic Sign Up at 10PM. Limited list. Be on time!)
Bondfire Mic's Open Show begins at 10:30 -11:30
Bondfire Concert Series Begins at 11:45

Being plastered all over the cover of entertainment magazines generally has no bearing on whether or not the artists pictured, actually live up to what the articles inside them mention...

Listen to a message from the 'Villain'...

April's Bondfire adds a new element to the pot as we introduce a resident live artist to our monthly engagement. Marthalicia is an accomplished painter and graphics fabricator for apparel. Making strong moves in New York's underground art movement.

Performing during this installment of Bondfire Concert Series is Underground Hiphop legend Breez Evahflowin and artistprenuer Creature with his band Rebelmatic making their first performance together again since he returned from Russia. We've also enlisted that talent of our now resident live artist, the awesome Marthalica to add some necessary estrogen and color to the evening...Also slated to make a guest appearance is Brooklyn's Euclid an awesome independent artist in his own right.

Bondfire: Mic's Open Show 10:30 -11:30pm
Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. Then stop, thinking that. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, "The Bronx Über Villain". Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as , "The Bronx Über Villain". Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for television and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain" commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30pm-until
People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive when they do. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatest musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

Brought to you by... I ARE Promo

If ‘Ushouldnoaboutit’ we’re talking about it. I Are Promo is more then your would be, run of the mill, email blast spewing, wanna be PR company. We deliver the goods on unique happenings on and off line and are devoted to issuing quality entertainment from our growing list of superb clients, not just any ol’ folks that can toss us a dollar for our extensive promotional campaign methods. We have the right to be selective, since we do all the work. I Are Promo seeks only to provide the world with interesting and valuable content.

Guaranteed, you won’t get any mind fluff from us. That’s for sure.


April 21, 2009

Q&A With TastyKeish

Freehiphopnow.com is on a mission to create awareness about more female artists and general contributors to the culture, so for this Q&A we interviewed one of the hardest working women in New York City, Tasty Keish, co-host of WBAI 99.5 FM's, 'Rise Up Radio' and her own online lifestyles, music and entertainment show,'Taste Of The Town'.

What is your fascination with radio, with being a media personality? Are those things truly your passion?

My fascination....with radio... I guess it's from when I was little and it took work and good timing to make a mixtape off songs playing on the radio. I would make these little mixes and periodically add my voice to them doing intros and using fake call letters. I thought radio personalities were Gods and Goddesses, they gave you prizes for calling at the right time, they made you feel special if they gave you a shout out and they talked to and about famous people all day! Back then there was even on-air talent beefs (Wendy vs. Funkmaster Flex, Flex vs. Steph Lova, etc...), I had my ear out for beef like they were rappers!

I also came of age when Hot 97 first started and Kiss-FM was what 'Hot' is right now... All I knew about radio came from listening to the best on-air personalities, especially the women because to get air time in NY, is to be in the top tier of personalities. I have to def say Angie Martinez and Wendy Williams (to a certain point) shaped my persona and built my fascination. They have a connection with people that even in this ipod, computer driven world, people still say "Yo, it's 3pm... I wonder who's sitting with Angie?" and they turn on the radio. I want that to be me one day. (sidebar: I'm such a fan...someone told me they met Angie face to face and that she had clear braces...suddenly I wanted to keep my clear braces forever- lol)

You’ve been doing quite a bit of hosting over the last couple of months. How did the opportunities come about?

I think the hosting came out of opportunities that my co-host, Digo and I made for ourselves outside of Rise Up Radio. We'd already been best friends thru the show and thought if we could merge our energies we could put together our own shows. So we did the Fresh Roasted series and some parties just try to get our names up in the streets. For the live events, he would do alot of the behind the scenes and even performing and I would do customer service and host the event. People were also asking me to host their weekly parties and be a presence that would set it off every week- which I kind of went hardbody doing... I had more fun on a weekday than I ever had in my life...

But, from there and thru the radio show, we built a Rolodex so to speak of bands that we liked and that liked our show (big ups to MC Kswift and Divine, my other brothers on Rise Up Radio). On Dec 31st 2008, thru much strife and drama in my life at the time, Tony from ADM called me and decided to harness my hyper active energy and asked me to host their monthly showcase at Public Assembly... From there others have been doing the same. And I love it... Ridiculously love it.

You’re an extremely busy woman. When you get a chance to actually listen to music, what are you listening to? Where are you listening?

If I’m not busy... I’m not working hard enough :) I actually do listen to music though. A lot of my education comes from seeing musicians live shows and other REAL artists co-signing fellow artists to me. I have fallen in damn near love with artists off seeing them live. I get smitten. Right now, I’m smitten over Illa J (who I haven’t seen live...yet), I love my local yokels... Big one time to Homeboy Sandman, anyone in NRO (this means you Kswift), Trezure the Empress (I swear she made me cry when she sang...serious), Daru and Rena, ADM, The Real Live show, and my boy Digo (the king of crack rock) there's A LOT more but I can't think now and if I forget- someone will be mad I didn't say their name. If any of the above tell me to listen to this joint, I will, cuz good musicians listen to good music right??

I do listen to the radio to see what people are dancing to and because I love my big money artists too- lol I love mainstream- YEA, I SAID IT!!! How else am I gonna know what to dance to at the club? lol.

In the end, if I like you, you get spun in the car. If not, I frisbee the cd and keep the case. Real talk.

With a name like TastyKeish, and being charming as you are, I’m sure you’re met with a lot of naughty advances. What's the story behind that name? Spill it...

Thank You. Charming....huh? Are you flirting with me? The story is sooo not naughty but the advances are...lol. If had a nickel for the amount of times I’m asked "how tasty are you?" - I would be Scrooge McDuck swimming in money rich!

The name came up after a loooooooooong series of failed names that didnt stick or wasn't at all me. My family already called me Kiki and it makes me think of Kiki Shepard, the lady from the Apollo dressed in ball gowns that made you touch the wooden stump...and I thought it was weird- lol. Then I had some names, I would rather not say...

As far as TastyKeish goes, I'm a foodie x's ten and it's the word Tasty as a word just perfectly describes the feeling after having devoured a hot plate of fantastic food. And people have a way of describing me as "cute" all the time, which totally of stunts your sex appeal. So what is Tasty? It's the word Cute all grown up! So I joined it to my real name and dropped the "a" off Keisha. Voila!

How’d you get involved with Rise Up Radio? What do you feel your responsibilities are as one host of a show that tackles more then just new music, but also serious human issues and politics?

Rise Up Radio has been on the air about 3 or 4 years longer than we've all been there. And they were looking for new hosts about 4 years ago,...I filled out the paperwork and made it to a meeting. from those meetings other potential hosts kept falling off. It's been a continuous rotation of hosts, but that's how Kswift, Digo, and I met and have been together ever since, its very romantic- lol.

On a station like WBAI, there's a legacy to uphold the standards that Pacifica set over 50 years ago. I went in knowing that my responsibilities were to the community first and foremost. With that being said, the youth voice has been undeserved in media as a whole, Pacifica, NPR, CBS, NBC, this includes all of them. What we do at Rise Up Radio with our choice of topics and guests, is strive to bring you our points of view on the world at large no matter how much we clash with each other over them. So to bring attention to economic, social, and political topics is a must. And we (youth, Hip-hop,etc...) have a lot to say.

What’s your Facebook and Twitter game looking like?

MAN, my FB game is WICKED, but my MySpace is all but DECEASED- lol. I hated Facebook at first, people all in your business knowing what you do for a living...it just wasn’t for me. But now, I’ve embraced it and let it do the talking for me and since then I have nothing love for it.

I just got on Twitter like 2 weeks ago, so I’m not quite there yet. But I will conquer it...feel free to follow me at twitter.com/tastykeish :)

What do you most enjoy about being involved with new media? What don’t you?

I love that you can make your own opportunities in new media... You can build your brand before any agent gets to you and tries to "fix" you. I love meeting people I would never have met, and then actually meeting them in real life, it feels like u should hug instead of shake hands :)

The thing I hate about new media is dating and assumptions. People read into or don't look carefully at what their seeing and draw a lot of false conclusions. And it can be torture if you can't handle all the input.

What was the last book that you read? Did you take anything valuable away from it?

The last book I fully read was "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini...I read it because of the hype around it, it was much deserved... The book I’m reading now and slower than I usually do is: "An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President" by Randall Robinson. I'm always amazed that a people that I come from continue to be to disrespected the way they are. Can you imagine...? F-ck that, can you FATHOM, WINNING your independence from a more powerful country (France) to be made to pay THEM for the rest of your existence? And for that to be backed up by ALL other world powers, thus NEGATING the win and setting them up to fail all the way up to the present....All because for black slaves to win its independence from the white super power of its time was just too much of a threat. A threat that slaves of America would hear of and organize and do the same. I just wonder what would have happened if Haiti had gotten a fair chance...

Are you a pet person?

Nope, I’m a people person. Let me know when you can keep people as pets, then I’m all for it...lol

Favorite meal?

I don’t have a favorite meal. But my favorite things to eat, are mac and cheese, peach cobbler, lobster, conch, and really awesome steak.

What were you like in high school? In college?

In HS, I was a complete tomboy... I never made it to the more-than-friends window and I wasn't cool enough for the girls. But I had my school newspaper that I wrote for and by senior year became editor-in-chief. I used to write music reviews and one sexual health piece that my mom framed- lol. I even eulogized Biggie when he died, I was such a spazz...

In college I was learning how to be a lady finally... I only enjoyed the classes I wanted to and stayed awake just enough for the classes I didn’t. I was part of the school radio station, peace to BCR, Brooklyn College Radio and I even had the pleasure of interviewing Immortal Technique, I'm not sure I realized what was happening at the time. But now, I fully appreciate that moment...maybe he'll come on Rise Up :) Since it’s a commuter school, nobody was around long enough to make fond memories...

Where’d you get that blue dress you were rockin in the last installment of, ‘Taste Of The Town’. (Dug the stockings.)

Ohhh my word...so you like the dress? I'm such a rack rover, I got that dress at Express, stockings from Target...straight suburban living it at the mall! I usually wear t-shirts from local designers but I felt that night called for something people don't usually see me in.

When’s the new album droppin? :)

No album, ever. Maybe a mixtape :)

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions?

THANK YOU for asking! I had a great time, let's do this again-lol

Watch, 'Taste of the Town' on TotalBlacktv.com
Rise Up Radio airs every Friday night from 9 to 10pm on WBAI 99.5FM in the New York metro area and streaming live on WBAI.org
God is Love ring Tasty Keish is rockin, by Good Wood.

April 20, 2009

Adam B's Vid Pick - E. Reece & Core Elements

At the beginning of '09 E. Reece released a fantastic album with his band, Core Elements, titled L.I.S.n 2 This Live.In.Studio. "What U Need" is the latest single off of that album and the video for it is this week's Vid Pick. It's smooth, soulful, and just straight up dope. Enjoy! - Adam Bernard

Original Post @ Adam's World Blog

Artist Of The Week - Spork Kills

Most people know Louis Dorley as Louis Logic, the quick witted emcee who is a favorite among legions of underground Hip-Hop fans. This year, however, Dorley is putting his Louis Logic persona aside and introducing his latest musical creation, Spork Kills, which also acts as an introduction to a new genre of Hip-Hop, surf rap. The first single of off the Spork Kills EP Beaches Love Us is “Night of the Hip ‘N Dead” and it’s already getting airplay on MTVu. A complete album is in the works for later this year and this week I caught up with Dorley to find out more about the project, his adventurous musical ideas, and how he goes about putting together a set list with such a diverse range of work. Click Here...

April 19, 2009

K. Sparks "Bright Lights" Feat Julius Francis

"When Kurser gave me this beat I starting thinking how to attack this beat...it's a club track but I don't believe in making your typical shake ya booty booty and get drunk in the club music so I found a way to incorporate a few gems in the process...that's why I say in the record, you feel the beat indeed it's sumthin you can drink to but most importantly it's sumthin really you can think to...props to everyone who supports." -K. SPARKS

P.CASSO- Best In Show feat. VonPea of Tanya Morgan and Homeboy Sandman

P.CASSO- Best In Show feat. VonPea of Tanya Morgan and Homeboy Sandman from PCASSO on Vimeo.

The highly anticipated masterpiece is finally here. Breakthrough artist P.CASSO and director SurealPhobia present "Best in Show." Co staring Homeboy Sandman and VonPea of Tanya Morgan. Featuring cameos from the AOK Collelctive. It's more like a movie than a video, really.

A Twintterview With Praverb

FreeHiphopNow What's the name of your most recent Project? Hook us up with a link.
Praverb Center of Attention...http://tinyurl.com/clwfm7
FreeHiphopNow What's the general feedback been like for this release? What's different about this piece compared to the last?
Praverb the general feedback has been decent, I believe that the project highlights my discontent at the industry. The last project..
Praverb was a mixtape haha...
FreeHiphopNow Have you been performing a lot? Where are you located again?
Praverb sheesh the last time I performed was in 07' I believe...been on a hiatus haha and I am located in Northern Virginia...
FreeHiphopNowThat's a long time man. So other then having issues with the industry. How are you feeling about music? Anyone out that you like?
Praverb Sheesh I love music but personally I had to take a step back and regain that passion...I am feeling a lot of cats...Elzhi
Praverb Royce, Joe Budden, Crooked I, Sly Boogy, AML, Buff 1, Torae, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Lyriciss, Skyzoo, Blue Scholars, Common...
Praverb Finale, Donny Goines, Reign Man, MC Juice, Brother Ali, T.I., Luda, Surreal, Blu, Pacific Division, Invincible, Termanology..
Praverb Cassidy, The Lox, Roc Marciano, Eminem, Diamond District, Kero One, Master 3, T.E.F.L.O.N., Memphis Reigns...and more
FreeHiphopNow How do you go about selecting production?
Praverb sheesh I usually work with a camp of producers that I have gathered through the years (Destro, Cold Legistics, and Hairy)

April 17, 2009


Launching of Hip-Hop Education Center | Media Classes

Groundbreaking Center for Hip-Hop Education Research, Training, and Evaluation

The Hip-Hop Association (H2A), in partnership with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University’s Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human Development, is proud to announce the launch of the Hip-Hop Education (H2Ed) Center for Research, Evaluation and Professional Development. Right on the heels of Hip-Hop’s 35th birthday, the Center emerges at a pivotal moment in history that will shape and transform the current education system in the United States.

The H2Ed Center will bring together national art programs and educational institutions as the premiere site for the study, instruction and assessment of Hip Hop Education. An advisory committee made up of scholars, educators, teaching artists, and administrators will form a think tank to support the aggregation of data, and to address challenges in the field. Our ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for education reform through advocacy and policy recommendations.

Both Director of the H2Ed Center, Martha Diaz and Deputy Director, Diana Noriega will lead the initiatives with the Executive Director, Principal Investigator and Professor, Dr. Pedro Noguera of the Metropolitan Center, and Research Director, Dr. Eddie Fergus of the Metropolitan Center. The Associate Director of the Center for Multicultural Education and Programming, Marcella Runell Hall, will also join as the Center’s Associate Director. Marcella currently spearheads the Hip-Hop and Pedagogy Initiative, which ties into NYU’s Hip-Hop programming and events community.

The H2Ed Center’s signature event will be the Hip-Hop Educates and Advances Lives (HHEAL) Festival. Part of the Global Clinton Initiative—University commitment to action project, HHEAL is an annual two-day teach-in on Hip-Hop culture as a tool for human rights and social change. In addition to panels and hands-on workshops, the Festival will feature inspirational films and motivational speakers.

“Hip-Hop culture is an undeniable force that must be examined further in order to bring credence to this new field of education practice that is gaining traction. Creating the center has been both arduous and rewarding,” says Hip-Hop Association President, Martha Diaz. “We needed a space to conduct expert research, cultivate leadership, and create an archive that validates the work we do. With our academic supporters at NYU, we made it happen.”

About the Hip Hop Association: Formed in 2002, the Hip-Hop Association [H2A] is an award winning 501(c)(3) non-profit community building organization. The H2A fosters social change through the use of media, popular culture, social entrepreneurship, leadership development and diplomacy. We are dedicated to facilitating critical thinking, education reform, cross-cultural unity and civic engagement, while preserving Hip-Hop culture for scholarship and future generations. www.hiphopassociation.org

About the Metro Center for Urban Education: The Metropolitan Center for Urban Education is a comprehensive, university-based center that focuses on educational research, policy, and practice. We are a partner and resource at the local and national levels in strengthening and improving access, opportunity, and the quality of education in our schools. Our mission is to target issues related to educational equity by providing leadership and support to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policy makers. http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/metrocenter/index.html

April 16, 2009

Bronx Über Villain Launches Blog?

Didn't know that villains had blogs. Looks like this one surely does. Everyone's online these days. Even über villains.  thebronxubervillain.blogspot.com

KOVAS - The Stimulus Package Mixtape

Download - KOVAS - The Stimulus Package

Skillz "Crazy World"

Skillz "Crazy World" from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

"CrAzY wOrLd"
album: Million Dollar Backpack
Big Kidz Ent / Koch Records

an Inklined Studios production

Concept by: Skillz
Directed by: Kory Smith & Paolo Obcemane
Produced by: Tremayne Johnson
Edited by: Kory & Paolo

Last Days (Kode 9 Remix) - Euclid

Skillz presents... Hip-Hop Confessions

Skillz presents... Hip-Hop Confessions from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Much props goes out to Skillz for this one. Dope concept and well executed. Interesting and entertaining.

April 15, 2009

Q&A With Kalil Kash

Who is Kalil Kash and why is he doing music?

Kalil Kash is an artist straight out of Newark, New Jersey, who creates music that is based on his life's experiences and sometimes others'. Why I make music is actually a funny question. I started rapping mainly because I was bored and needed something to do (haha). But as of now, I'm motivated by the pure art of music, and seeing a fans amazement when I perform. That alone is priceless.

How do you conjure up the energy to rock on stage with the same enthusiasm you have all the time?

Well that energy is fueled by my love of performing. Never really gets old. Being on stage is some ill shit; that crowd looking at you and listening to your every word. I feed off the energy that the crowd gives so, that only makes it iller. Plus watching other good performers makes me want to perform as good as them if not better. I actually study performances from all genres of music and learn from that. So with all that, it just never gets old for me. I treat performing like im WITH the crowd instead of performing AT them. More fun that way.

Who inspires you the most both musically and music unrelated?

Musically I'm mostly inspired by Jay-Z. I know it seems like the cliche answer but I can't lie. It's his whole use of words and intricate lyricism that draws me to his music, and also his charisma on records. Other musical influences could definitely be Nas, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G., and strangely, Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam mostly because of their energy on stage and their lyrics and song topics, very inspiring.

Non-Musical influences? There's no one famous I could name, so I'll say my father. He just works so damn hard all the time, and it makes me feel bad to be lazy. Gives me an example of drive, you know.

As an artist what would consider your strengths, your weaknesses?

My strengths would be my originality, infectious delivery, and strong stage performances. My weaknesses; (ugh) my flow could be sharper, my hooks could have more diversity, and I should work with different types of artists more often.

What was the motivation for your newest song, 'Payday' produced by DJ Puerto Roc?

When I wrote the song I had the thought in mind like "this needs to be a good performance record." I just simply wanted a song that could rock the crowd easily, and so far it seems to be working. Plus the beat is just fuckin' RAW so. Can't be mad at that.

How do you go about deciding what production you're going to rhyme over?

I'm VERY picky with beats. Ask any producer I've worked with, they'll tell you. I do have somewhat of a process. I don't like when producers email me tracks and say "this is right for you!" How the hell do you know? I like actually going to MEET with the beat maker and working with him on a specific track. Whether he makes the beat from scratch or not, a producer has to understand an artist before he can work with him/her, and vice versa.

What's the future for Kalil Kash musically? How do you feel you'll tattoo the art form and leave your most impressive mark within the culture?

The future is looking bright. The game has changed so much though. Artists can't really rely on major labels like before, so the whole "I wanna get signed" idea has changed for me. I'm strictly "DIY." So the indie route is my way to go. As far as the actual art form, I see myself in my own lane sonically. If not then there's no point in doing it. But I'm not one of those cats making music that is so out of touch with reality that people can't FEEL it. I'm out to be considered one of the greats, bottom line. Making a few bucks doing it won't be so bad either (haha).

Gangster rapper, hipster rapper, backpacker, whatever; label me whatever you want, but I'm just an MC trying to sound like and be himself. I'll let the music speak for itself.

Snap To The Future - Big Urban

Snap To The Future by Big Urban is definitely and interesting piece of music. Name drops of retro nostalgia over top synths and simple drum programming with sprinkles spacey sound effects pretty much work. Cool joint.

The Ultimate - Rugged N Raw

The Calm Before the Storm - Twista

In anticipation of his CATEGORY F5 album, set to release June 14th, Twista releases his official mixtape for fans to enjoy worldwide! "The Calm Before the Storm" is a collection of freestyles, exclusives, and previously unreleased records by Twista, as well as, new material from artists on his G.M.G. indie label. Widely considered a central figure in Chicago's "New School" Hip-Hop movement, Twista teams up with a fellow Chicago native & rising star DJ MOONDAWG to host this project.


1. Twista Checks In
2. Twista-Wetter (Get In Wet pt. 2)
3. Twista ft Liffy Stokes-Get Yo Money Right
4. Skooda Chose ft Twista & The Cool Kids-Loungin'
5. Twista-Goon To A Goblin
6. Twista-2 Times
7. Twista ft Shawnna-Shorty Got Work
8. Mello Tha Guddamann-2 Night
9. Liffy Stokes-Dopeman
10. Twista-Marco Polo Freestyle
11. Skooda Chose-Fly Shit
12. Twista ft David Banner & Sean Paul-Diamonds In My Watch Piece
13. Twista Speaks
14. B Hype ft Twista & Liffy Stokes-Warning
15. Twista-Whip It Freestyle
16. Twista ft Freeway-Hustle Hard
17. Twista ft Liffy Stokes & Mello Tha Guddamann-On The Block
18. Twista-Still Do It
19. Twista ft Prince-I Can Make You Say (Prod. by Kanye West)
20. Twista-Game On Lock
21. Twista Signs Off Till June 16th
22. Twista-Streets On Lock

Category F5 - June 14th
G.M.G Entertainment / EMI / Capitol

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