December 17, 2009

12 Days Of RazMas: Day 4. Get Up Get Her - Top $ Raz

Day 4: We head to the club because we're now old enough too. after all that we gotta go get something 'healthy' to eat...

1. Is "Get Up Get Her" the 'anti-club' club song? How'd you come up with it?

Haha, the 'anti-club' song, I like that. Well I feel a 'club song' can be lyrically dope. A lot of these new club songs have filler verses and are more focused on the beat and the hook. I was fashioning "Get Up Get Her" after the more lyrical club joints like "Lex Coops Bemmas and Bens" and Jay-Z's "Do It Again. Both of those joints are good for club, but they also have some darts in the verses. That's how you do a club track without selling out. When Terrestrial Papo played the beat to Get Up Get Her for me, the hook came to me almost immediately. "If you want that girl go get up get her". As an artist you need a track like "Get Up Get Her" cause it's the perfect call in response for the live show. I usually perform this joint at shows, it's a lot of fun.

2. You turned 21 earlier this year, that means no longer having problems getting into clubs to perform. Do you go to clubs?

Yea my girl has been dragging me to clubs lately. But the 21+ card has benefited me mostly with supporting my peers at their live shows. It's always good to support your peers, not enough of that is going around these days. And then folks wonder why nobody supports them.

3. You have a special diet. What led you to make the choices that you do foodwise?

A few years ago being a vegetarian was a "Special Diet" but nowadays everyone is vegan, vegetarian, or a raw food vegan. There's really no story behind it, one day I was eating a salad with chicken in it and realized I couldn't taste the chicken, but only the tastiness of the vegetable and dressing. So I said, why not let me just cut the meat out all the way. I've never felt better. I find that ever since I went vegetarian things have become tastier. Vegetarianism forces you to be creative, use different ingredients to make a tasty meal. It takes a lot more creativity than just throwing Lawry's and flour on some chicken.

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Tomorrow, "12 Days Of RazMas" continues with Day 5. DEAD!

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