December 21, 2009

12 Days Of RazMas: Day 8 - Perfect Strangers - Top $ Raz

We're sure you've already figured out without even listening that this song is not about two silly cousins in Chicago that get into messes. Perfect Strangers showcases Top $ Raz's ability to tell a story. Not just one , but three. Sit right back and you'll hear a tale.

1. How many Perfect Strangers have you directly encountered in your life time?

Ha ha, if you're referring to the characters in the verse, I haven't directly encountered any of these characters, but judging from the stories I hear in the hood and on the news I'm pretty sure they all exist somewhere. Also, anyone who has BET has seen the preacher type in verse three.

2. What moved you to create such a song over this track? Was this another one where you already had the idea in mind and requested the producer use that sample for you to deliver these words to it ?

When I was making this album Badd Lukk was the first producer I went to. We've been making music together since I was 15 and he was 14, we used to be in a group called "UnderAge" with two childhood friends of ours. This was one of the many beats he sent me, with the KEM sample saying "Perfect Stranger". So I figured the best way to use this beat would be to tell a story.

3. When it's all said an done, what do you want people to gain from the music you create? What kind of tattoo are you looking to leave on the art form? How do you think you'll make it happen?

Simply put, I want people to like it. I want people to learn from my music and vibe on it. I want my lyrics to become proverbs, like when shit is bad ya boy is tellin you 'we men, no tears...' or 'hey it's all spilled milk, but you cant let it stain...'. I'm hoping I can show artists you don't need to kiss someone's ass to get ahead. You just have to grind like your life depends on it. Like I've said before, I represent the real underground. We don't put on perfume and a pair of 'stunna shades' and pretend to be friends with someone who knows nothing about our culture or music at 'networking' parties in order to get ahead. We lace up our kicks, get on that open mic list, spit our heart outs, create dope music with quality production, and after a while they cannot deny us. DEAD! video is at 1900 views in little over a week with no management or promotion team behind me. "Spilled Milk" is in everyone's car and ipod. I've dropped two videos and 2 LPs in one year. Can they still deny me? I don't know, some choose to, but sooner than later they will have no choice. We're here! We're in their faces. We are not Perfect Strangers.

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"12 Days Of RazMas" continues with Day 9. Be Gone feat. Kalil Kash

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