December 9, 2009

A Silent Genocide ~ A Brief Insight into HIV/AIDS by Tantra-zawadi and Oliver Covrett

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 7, 2009 -- Brooklyn born performance poet/artist Tantra-zawadi, announced the released of a short documentary titled A Silent Genocide: A Brief Insight into HIV/AIDS today. The film, shot on location in New York City and Los Angeles, features a commentary by Betty Makoni, the founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide and a Top 10 finalist for CNNs 2009 Heroes Award, offers insights into the personal experience of those living with HIV/AIDS. Through art and activism, A Silent Genocide shows viewers how these individuals are striving to decrease the staggering numbers of new infections.

A Silent Genocide is directed by Ms. Zawadi and Oliver Covrett of XYAYX Multimedia who also edited and produced the film. Musical contributions for the project include Tut Burks and Xavier Kemp with artwork by Shanna Melton.

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