December 20, 2009

12 Days Of RazMas: Day 7 - Cold Blooded feat. Imagine That

Truman Capote didn't write this tale featuring, Imagine That on Spilled Milk for this 7th Day of RazMas. Top$ Raz did. Tonight we find out that there was a second track that didn't make the official Spilled Milk release and you get to hear it too. We'll call it a bonus. Raz did.

1. Cold Blooded may be the most 'left' track on the album in terms of theme throughout the entire LP. It definitely veers slightly off of the path you charted at the beginning of "Spilled Milk". You only have one verse? It's like this track is off of Imagine That's LP and you're the guest appearance. Break down the song for us. What is it about? How do you know Imagine That?

Yea the original intent was for me to be featured on this track, but I like this song so much I threw it on the LP. We already had a song we did for my album called "Gimme Mine", which I'm sending as a bonus cut, but I liked this song more. "Gimme Mine" was made at a time when I was still trying to find my voice. If you listen to the two you can see on "Cold Blooded" that I'm more comfortable with the flow changes. I met Imagine That at the Training Camp open mic at pyramid when I first started hitting the underground circuit. It was a mutual respect from jump so we decided we should do some collaborations. Back in Oct. 2008 Imagine That gave me my first showcase. I'm really grateful for knowing them cats because they definitely played a major role in getting this album done. They recorded, mixed and mastered 90 % of the album as well as produced 3 joints on it and are featured on 2 songs (Mike Love on Far Rock '95, and as a group on Imagine That). As far as theme of the song, I was tryna talk about what I felt was cold blooded in this world life, the streets, my style, work, all that stuff.

2. Okay. Obviously this album is full of adult language, but you're adamant about the fact that there was no use of the 'N' word. Why is that? Can you explain why you chose to do that? Do you think in the future you will ever do an entire album sans cuss words?

It was actually when I went out to record "Gimme Mine" that I decided to stop using the N word on my songs. Imagine That, for those who don't know, are white (with mad soul might I add). When Imagine That picked me up from the train station they were playing Pharoahe Monch's "What it Is" where he's like 'when they see me they say that's that nigga my last name should be that's that nigga, sounds kinda nice Pharoahe that's that nigga...' and I was kinda uncomfortable. Like not because they was listening to it, but because we couldn't sing along to this dope record without it feeling awkward. It was at that point that I decided I shouldn't use that word at least in my music because all it does is separate us. If you go to any hip hop show you'll see that Hip Hop is uniting cultures together. It's a beautiful thing, I'm just trying to further that unity with the words I use.

As for not cursing on a record, Top $ Raz concludes, 'Nah that'd be corny as hell. lmao. The word "motherfucker" can be pronounced so many diff ways, it's too fun...'

As promised, bonus track: Gimmie Mine

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