December 23, 2009

12 Days Of RazMas: Days 9 & 10 - Be Gone feat. Kalil Kash/ Burning Bridge feat. Scienze

Back to back collaboration tracks with Kalil Kash and Scienze. Definitely two totally different types of records for Raz, showing his diversity.

1. How long have you known Kalil Kash? When did you first begin to record and perform with Kalil?

Top $ Raz: I've known Kalil Kash for about a year and a half now. We met at Training Camp Tuesday open mic at the Pyramid club. That was my first day of pursuing this hip hop thing as a career. First track we recorded was "Be Gone" and then after that was "Right in Kissah" with J Monopoly. We were both coming up and figured it make sense to join forces. In the beginning there weren't many shows so we would give each other a song on our sets, and make sure we performed "BE Gone" at every show so each of us could shine. I think it's worked out well for us.

2. You guys ever discuss doing a full length project, the likes of say Red and Meth's "Blackout"?

Top $ Raz: Yeah we've discussed that. As a group we are Blac Dinero. First priority however is to get our solo projects as much burn as possible. Kalil Kash will be dropping his album in January titled "The Exit Method". It's gonna be dope.

1. Kalil Kash: Looking at the full project, Spilled Milk how do you feel about aside from the fact of actually being on it?

I think the album definitely shows a lot of growth from his last one. Just feels like he took more time with this one to make it a more memorable piece of work. I was very impressed.

2. Kalil Kash: Does Top $ Raz make an appearances on your forthcoming project? When's the album coming and what is it about?

Yes, he appears on "Right In The Kissah" on The Exit Method. I'm aiming to release the album late January. It doesn't really have a concept, but the title itself represents the mental getaway that the album should provide the listener; hence the name "The Exit Method".

1. "Burning Bridge" sounds like a reworked Dilla track. Are you singing? Do you think that in the future you'll be doing more then rhyming on tracks, possibly producing them or even singing seriously?

Yeah that's me and Scienze 'singing' on the hook, without auto-tune! I probably will keep the singing to a minimum. I produced a few songs off my first album "The Narrative", including the lead single SSDD, but this time around I just sent certain songs to sample and put my 2 cents in to what kind of songs I wanted.

2. Do you ever create music with a specific audience in mind? Like you know what, this time out the gate, I think I wanna do a song 'just for the ladies'.

I did that with the first album, and that's why this one is better. this album is just me being honest and not forcing anything. I did what the beats pulled out of me on this one, I didn't try to make a song for everyone. This track is based on something that really happened to me, so I wasn't trying to make something for the ladies, the beat was just asking for it. Before I made that track I was thinking "damn I don't have one track for the females," but even knowing that I refused to ask for a beat from a producer so I could make that track. I wanted to make sure everything came natural, and that's why this album is special to me.

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