December 15, 2009

12 Days Of RazMas: Day 2. The Introduction - Spilled Milk - Top $ Raz

It's day two of 12 Days of RazMas and we're going to start from the best place. The beginning.The first track of an album should set the tone for it, right? Well let's see. We speak with both Top $ Raz and producer of the intro track Thinker, about working together and future collaborations.

1. What new challenges were you met with, creating your most recent release,"Spilled Milk"?

T$R: I faced the challenge of trying to be as honest as possible, yet still be relatable. At some point in recording the album I realized that it was more important to make music that people could connect to than it was to come up with the illest punchlines or catchiest party tune. I wanted to show people who I am as a person. I feel like although my first album was a valiant effort, it didn't exactly give you a clear description of who I am.

2. How did you meet Thinker (producer of the title track, "Spilled Milk" and "No Tears")?. What was it like working with him? Will there be more collaborations?

T$R: I met Thinker through my brother from another Kalil Kash. I believe the first time I spoke to thinker was through a Facebook chat. The first time we met was at Sin Sin in the lower east side. Before I met him I had my eyes on a dope track on his Myspace page for like two weeks. I knew I needed that beat for the album and if I got it it would be the intro.

It's great working with Thinker because he's extremely fast and productive. He understands the artist and really listens to them. There are a lot of future joints coming with Thinker. A few collaborations including, Ciph Diggy of Sleepwalkas and MC K~Swift, as well as some solo tracks for the next project. It's hard because every time Thinker sends me a beat I have an urge to make a new album, they're that ill, but he keeps tellin me to chill and just promote "Spilled Milk".

3. Mos Def on record said, 'The first cut should be the deepest...' Do you agree with this theory?

T$R: The first cut should definitely be one of the most personal. It's basically and overview of what to expect and an introduction to the artist. As underground artist on the come up we have to make sure that first track is a banger. We only get one chance out the gate. I know many people that press the eject button after the first track if it isn't to their liking. So I made sure I had a certified joint for my intro. Everyone that I've gotten feedback from put "Spilled Milk" near the top of their list as their favorite joints on the album.

4. What made you decide to work with Top $ Raz?

Thinker: After seeing him perform S.S.D.D. at "A Monthly Bondfire". I knew he'd be someone that I'd like to work with. I let Kalil Kash hear a few tracks on my Myspace page and soon after Raz reached out. One of the tracks on the page would end up being the intro and title track of his album "Spilled Milk".

5. How do feel about your production being the first thing heard when people hear this record?

Thinker: It's an honor and pleasure to have my track selected to set off an album that I enjoy listening to and would recommend for others to give a full listen to. I feel like it sets the mood for the "Spilled Milk" experience.

Tomorrow, "12 Days Of RazMas" continues with Day 3: "No Tears"...

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